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TruHealth Shake


Our decadent vanilla, all-vegan, TruHealth Shake is here for you, supporting you in reaching your health and fitness goals. An all-vegan, complete protein, vanilla shake providing all nine essential amino acids for muscle growth and repair.*

This power-packed nutrition bomb, not only revs up your metabolism but also injects a steady energy into your day.* It helps where your body needs it most, curbing those cravings and maintaining your muscle mass, thanks to it being an excellent source of protein and fiber.*

The TruHealth Shake, designed with healthy weight loss at the cellular level in mind, is great at promoting lean muscle development, muscle recovery and strength.* This shake really has all your bases covered, even supporting a healthy gut-brain axis for mental well-being.* It’ll help you form healthy habits and give your body a dose of efficient plant-based proteins and fiber that effectively control hunger. The complete protein source ensures essential amino acids are met, enhancing overall health, and aiding in weight management.

Directions: Enjoy a nutritious TruHealth Shake as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon refuel to kickstart your metabolism.


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