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The Quest for Manapol: True Acemannan

Find out why Aloe was prized by ancient cultures and is widely used for its soothing properties today.* Learn the fascinating story of Aloe grown by our partners, Natural Aloe in Costa Rica, and the science behind Manapol, the only product on the planet with 100% true Acemannan.* This riveting video interviews agriculturalists, Mannatech executives and biochemists and explores the history and truth behind the key natural ingredient found in Mannatech’s incredible products.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Mannatech harnessed the benefits of nutritional Glycobiology for its products before and better than anyone else. Exclusive to Mannatech, Manapol Immune Support Formula powder is a premium, 100 percent Aloe-based product designed to support cell-to-cell communication.*

Mannatech uses the most premium aloe source on the planet. A proprietary extraction method can provide Manapol with a high concentration of polysaccharides containing the monosaccharide, mannose, in the form of Acemannan, which is an important Glyconutrient believed to be responsible for the immunologic health benefits associated with Aloe vera gel.*

Manapol also provides more than just immune support.* To support immune system modulation, Manapol helps bring the ratio of immune cells back into balance, helping enable the system to function correctly.*


  • Provides immune support through its Acemannan content.*
  • Supports immune system modulation.*
  • Provides all-natural immune support as it functions as a powerful prebiotic.*
  • Supports digestive health and microbiome balance as a prebiotic.*
  • Supports cellular communication for overall better health.*
  • Proprietary extraction may provide a more potent, stable Acemannan content for superior immune and digestive support.*
  • Supports cell-to-cell communication through a blend of specific plant saccharides including Acemannan, a source of Glyconutrients.*
  • May provide gastrointestinal benefits.*
  • Supports nutrient absorption.*
  • May increase the absorption of both vitamin C and E.*


  • 100% Aloe
  • Naturally gluten-free
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Pure
  • Not irradiated
  • Low in aloins
  • Palatable
  • Non-GMO, no MSG, No additives or excipients
  • Free of common allergens (soy, dairy, shellfish, peanuts)



  • Primary: Consumers who want to improve their overall health. Manapol powder can improve nutrition and health through cell to cell communication.*
  • Secondary: Consumers looking to maintain overall health.


  • Manapol is a 100% Aloe vera gel powder that’s harvested from Andisol volcanic soil for ultra-purity.
  • You can’t get a richer, natural source of Glyconutrients anywhere in the world.*



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